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Brief Information on SKA’s Chief Instructor

Michael Chin

The humble beginning of Sabah Karate Association (SKA) in the mid 60s pressed Mr. Michael Chin into assuming the position of first Chief Instructor for the Association. It was from his experience and diligent study through books that he ably led the packed classes through the basics of karate. Even today he modestly “recalls they were at most times only two or three steps ahead of their students!”

Working as the Assistant Director of the Radio and Television in Kota Kinabalu, he was a very innovative instructor who drew from his experiences of other disciplines in his teaching. I have the honour to recall Mr. Chin saying that in karate, if you know ten techniques, you should eventually be able to teach eleven.

He is an instructor well respected by both his students and peers for his unique way of discipline both in classes and outside. A fellow instructor and founding member still tells how he would restrict every instructor to one bottle of aerated water after a class: second bottle is at their own expenses.

Mr. Michael Chin is now residing with his beloved his wife in Vancouver, Canada as a Pastor.

Yoshiki Habu Sensei

As promised to Mr. Michael Chin, the Association turned to the renowned Japan Karate Association (JKA) to engage a professional Instructor in March 1969 to take over as Chief Instructor for the Association. Mr Yoshiki Habu Sensei, a 5th Dan then at the age of 32, was one of the first instructors sent out by JKA to teach internationally.

As expected, he was very technical in his teaching and was much feared by students in his zealous teaching of proper techniques. It was common to have nothing but repeated drills of just a single gyaku zuki to build the foundation and the spirit of endeavour of the students.

Famed for his Uraken Uchi (back-fist strike), I recalled Asano Sensei in England testing me by asking what was his favourite technique to ascertain I was truly a student of Habu Sensei. He was instrumental in opening the Sabah Karate Association to the international scene by inviting seven top Japanese Karate instructors to Sabah in the early 70s and the subsequent SKA participations in international JKA championships.

Now named Haji Abu Rairah Abdullah @ Yashiki Habu, a devoted Muslim, he lives in Kuala Lumpur with his wife and daughter.

The Late Datuk Hanshi James V.C. Lo

Datuk Hanshi James took over the Chief Instructor post of SKA in the mid 70s and it was in the early 80s that his dream was realized in taking SKA to a great height in sports karate by admitting the Association into the Malaysia Karate Federation (MAKAF). From then on it was generating many champions both at national and international levels. His adoption to sports karate was revolutionary and we are privileged and proud to learn his “fast punch” in 1984, a technique a top Japanese instructor called a “cheating punch”’ but is one of the “in-technique” used internationally even today.

Datuk Hanshi, fondly remembered as higher than any title in my heart, was also the strategist behind the organizing and hosting of many international championships including the grandest of all, the World Karate Championship here in Kota Kinabalu in 1994.

Datuk Hanshi was not only a renowned instructor in SKA but also well-respected by many national karate organizations in the regions that he had taught both here and abroad.

On the eve of the 2000 millennium, Datuk Hanshi James Lo sadly left us but left behind some comprehensive karate manuals and many fond memories to linger on.

Written by Paul John Chin

Coaching Accreditation

NameBranchesSerial No.Expiry
Cherlene Lim Siew lingPitas001Dec 2014
Aaron XavierTambunan002Dec 2014
Pg. Md Farouq RydhwanBeaufort003Dec 2014
Reginald Axel AlexanderTamparuli004Dec 2014
Ronney Boy GomboroTambunan005Dec 2014
Adam Malik KassimSandakan006Dec 2014
Mui Ling Tiwon @ GracePenampang007Dec 2014
Jackson CyprianusSt.Jhon Tawau008Dec 2014
Daniel Royd MichaelMain Dojo009Dec 2014
Fiora Erika RichardTamparuli010Dec 2014
Mathavan A/L VickneswaranTamparuli011Dec 2014
Kuhan A/L VickneswaranTamparuli012Dec 2014
Yunesh A/L VickneswaranTamparuli013Dec 2014
Danny FredolineMain Dojo014Dec 2014
Wong Yee LokKota Belud015Dec 2014
Rayner SubinonMain Dojo016Dec 2014
Animeldo JupinMain Dojo017Dec 2014
Kelvin ChinKota Kinabalu018Dec 2014
Lee Yi BongKota Kinabalu019Dec 2014
Choo Vui LeongKota Kinabalu020Dec 2014
Cyril Oh Sya TsaiKota Kinabalu021Dec 2014
Lim Yee LingKota Kinabalu022Dec 2014
Siti Noordia Binti MikasalKota Kinabalu023Dec 2014
Mayjoy L. GagatanKota Kinabalu024Dec 2014
Ampui @ Abd Halim KainsorSmk Kemabong025Dec 2014
Jordan Awit JimiRanau026Dec 2014
Siti Nursyazana IbrahimRanau027Dec 2014
Boblyn Christian Lugas JrRanau028Dec 2014
Mohd Azuhansyah Bin Ag. HashimPapar029Dec 2014
Mahfudz Azeem Bin Ag. HashimPapar030Dec 2014
Alvin Rajah ThurairajahTamparuli031Dec 2014
Nadiatul Tasha Bte Abd RahmanPapar032Dec 2014
Jennifer Elaine JaikinPapar033Dec 2014
Muhamad Bin HassanPapar034Dec 2014
Nurul Shyakira~~Ayu Binti Zakaria MaidinTambunan035Dec 2014
Farlin FrederickMain Dojo036Dec 2014
Alvin Anthony LojikimMain Dojo037Dec 2014
Roney Roger SiningMain Dojo038Dec 2014
Haanii Lorea Binti Mohd AzmiTambunan039Dec 2014
Celin Grace AloysiusTambunan040Dec 2014
Awang Harib Bin KassimSandakan041Dec 2014
Roberto Candido Bin SemanaSandakan042Dec 2014
Nur Syafidah Binti ArifinTenom043Dec 2014
Mohd Taufik Bin JafarTawau044Dec 2014
Dominik YassinTenom045Dec 2014
Thien Nyuk LungTawau046Dec 2014
Nursuhaznie Binti SomiSandakan047Dec 2014
Alvinsius PanaiTambunan048Dec 2014
Bunga Binti MangkaTawau049Dec 2014
Mcveeley KosmasSipitang050Dec 2014
Somi Bin Abu BakarSandakan051Dec 2014
Nur Syafiqah Binti ArifinTenom052Dec 2014
Nurul Atikah @ Enon PirusSipitang053Dec 2014
Vivian Ho Mei SanTenom054Dec 2014
Elzrin ZeroTenghilan055Dec 2014
Yap Foo NyenSandakan056Dec 2014

Qualified SKA Instructors (Expired on 31 December 2007)

Adam Leong, Kennedy Mattah, Adnan Agukal, Koh Kian Kin, Ag. Hashim bin Mohd. Zain, Kosmas Anggar, Albert bin Anggun, Kristine Leony Leonard, Ampiu bin Kainsor @ Abdul Halim, Aswadee Taba, Leong Tze Wai, Lily Linus, Brian douglas Otigil, Lisani Adzahari, Bunga binti Mangka, Lo Chee Chea, Lorant b. Losibin, Cahn Kee Hock,  
Cherlene Lim Siew Ling, Maizatul Afidah Ag. Hashim, Chong Fui Mee, Mohamed Fairuz bin Mohd. Fajeer, Christy bin Gaibin, Mui Ling Tiwon @ Mei Lin, Daniel Royd Michael, Nolan N. Taqabucba, Datu Ameron b. Day Ahmo, David chin, Patrick Yap Yin Nyuen, Dona Henry Galid, Paul John Chin, Pg. Muhd. Farouq Rydhwan, Eddie Chin Sui Wah, Emram @ Emran bin Md. Yassin, Ramlah binti Adbul Hamid, Richard Ajak, Francis Lasius Kojiun, Rusidi @ Henry Majunal, Fredolin Alexious, Shim Vui Taat @ Joseph, Jacklyn binti Joh Penile, Simon Chia, Jackson Cyprianus, Jeffrey bin Madis, Tagal Laboh, Jefri Adnan Agukal, Jimmy Chin Tahu P. N., Valerrie Frenandez, Jose Baji, Julian Chin, Zuzaza Leong

Qualified Coaches for Sports Science Level I (Specific Karate)

Abu Zahid Abu Baker, Lo Chee Chea, Lorand bin Lonsibin, Charlene Lim, Mau Kam Peng, Dona Henry Galid, Mohamed Fairuz, Emran bin Md. Yassin, Paul John Chin, Fredoline Alaxious, Ramlah Adbul Hamid, Grace Tiwon, Simon Chiea, Henry Majunal, Tagal Laboh, Jackson Cyprianus, Zuzaza Leong, Jacklyn bt. Joh Penile, Jenney Peter Disimon, Julian Chin.

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